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Field to bottle

Here's how we make our single estate spirits in 4 stages, from our Oxfordshire fields and gardens into each and every bottle.
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Based in Oxfordshire

Amongst the rolling hills in the heart of the British countryside our farm is situated to produce the very highest quality and standard of ingredients.

Meticulous In Detail

From every cut of our raw ingredients to every bottle that we produce, we have an eye for the fine details which makes our signature design, bottle and taste unique.

The process

In the detail

Wheat & Mash

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The Fermentation

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The Distillation

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Gin Botanicals

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Field to Bottle

As a single estate distillery, everything inside a bottle of Wood Brothers has derived from our family farm on which the distillery is nestled. The process starts out in the fields where in late autumn we plant our winter wheat, barley and rye. These crops are nurtured throughout the year and harvested the following autumn. Once harvested, it is milled into flour, fermented and finally distilled by our head distiller Ed to create our base spirit. Each bottle of Wood Brother’s spirit contains around a kilo of grain grown here on the farm.

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