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Our single estate vodka is the thing we are most proud of at Wood Brothers. Hand crafted from winter wheat, we run our base spirit through our Carter Head Still which contains 42 copper plates within it’s 9.2 metre column. This process allows us to distill the alcohol to 96% ABV. Only pure water is then added to blend it down to the perfect bottling strength of 40% ABV. Using our soft English winter wheat, our Single Estate Wood Brothers Vodka has flavour characteristics of caramel, vanilla, honey and a hint of pepper.

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Following the age-old route of the one shot distilling technique, our Wood Brothers Single Estate Gin combines home-grown herbs, lavender, rosemary and dill, with traditional gin botanicals, such as juniper berries, angelica root and citrus peels. This is run through our copper pot still, with our single-estate base spirit. Once distilled to 85% , the addition of pure filtered water mellows and blends our gin to the perfect bottling strength of 44% ABV.

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Our range of liqueurs was born from Charlie’s passion for country sports. The hedgerows that surround our fields not only provide shelter and food for insects and animals but also an abundance of berries and fruits from which we craft our liqueurs.

We start foraging in late summer and autumn to collect damsons and sloes. These are steeped in our single estate vodka or gin and aged in barrels to achieve a sweet and crisp deepness flavour.

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It’s been in the making for some years now. Our first casks were put down back in 2018 though it’s not too much longer to wait!

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